About us

Fugo Group sells a wide range of high-quality Shisha smoking products from the best shisha brands at competitive prices.
We are based in Warsaw, Poland, offering shipping on all products worldwide!
Our aim is to bring our customers the latest collection of hookah pipes, accessories and tobacco from the most renowned brands in one place. We have a wide range of Russian hookahs to choose from such as:

- Al Mani - hookahs and accessories
- ASA - Polish vases
- CULTt - tobacco, glycerine, molasses
- Esperanza - coal burner
- Amy Deluxe - hookahs and accessories
- Kaya - hookahs and accessories
- Karma - hookahs and accessories
- Maklaud - hookahs and accessories
- Solaris - bowls and mouth tips
- Totem Hookah - hookahs and accessories
- Alpha Hookah - hookahs and accessories
- Cocopalm - coals
- Oblako - bowls
- UPG - bowls
- Big Maks hookahs, vases and accessories
- Cosmo Bowl - bowls and accessories
- Fugo - bowls
- Honey Sigh hookahs
- Hoob hookahs and accessories
- Hooligan hookahs and accessories
- Koress - hookahs and accessories
- Mattpear - hookahs and accessories
- Nube - hookahs and accessories
- Shaman - coconut coals for hookahs
- Vintage - bowls and accessories

Here at Fugo Group, we believe in providing premium products alongside quality customer service.
Get in touch with us for any enquiries you might have or to get an update about a recent order.